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Delivering color photography to the 21st Century fossil hunter

Have you taken a recent vacation to the beach and collected shark teeth? Did you want to know more about those teeth: how old they are, what shark they're from, and how you can find more?


Did you try researching your fossils online, only to become frustrated with trying to sort through pages of low quality images? Or are you sick and tired of that outdated fossil book, full of jumbled captions and black and white images? Frustrated to see each page change appearance with no reliable, clean distinguished look? Fret not! A 100% color field guide has arrived!


A Beachcomber's Guide to Fossils features over 1300 color photographs of 325 plus specimens! Careful attention has been made to highlight minute details and intricate patterns found on many of the common, and some of the not-so-common, fossils found on the Atlantic and Gulf coast beaches.

Colored Sections

Flip to any section with ease! Page margins are colored for each category of fossil type.


Detailed Photographs

Detailed, color photographs are at the top of each identification page, with important details highlighted.

Design Consistency

Uniform page layouts allow easy transitions from one section to another.

Exciting Information

Discover new science and fascinating information about the fossil animals represented on each page through Did You Know facts!

Shark Teeth Identification
Vertebrae Identification
Fossilized Bone Identification
Eight Identification Sections Included!
Mouse over or tap each one to see what section it represents.
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