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A Beachcomber's Guide to Fossils

by Bob, Pam, and Ashby Gale

University of Georgia Press (2020)

524 pages


Grab your copy of the best selling field guide to shark teeth and fossils found along shorelines from Texas to Florida, and north to New Jersey. This guide has over 1200 color photographs, more than 325 fossils, and highlights common and unusual fossil finds for beachcombers to collect.


Further reading includes: a geologic history of the Earth, processes of fossilization, how to collect shark teeth on the beach, where on the beach profile fossils are found, 12 "Species Highlights" about unique extinct and extant animal groups, and over 325 fun facts about animals on every identification page!


Plus, enjoy a detailed text and illustrated glossary that highlight identifying features and differences between fossil elements. 

A Beachcomber's Guide to Fossils

  • 524 pages | 6x9" | 1.1 lbs | water resistant cover*

    *The cover is a durable paperboard with plastic coating to repel water and resist wear from everday use. The interior pages are semigloss and are lightly water resistant. This book can withstand field use, but is not 100% waterproof.

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